AMADEO Locks Are Now Bullet Proof

Open your AMADEO lock with a key, but not with bullets.

AMADEO is proud to announce that AMADEO FreeFlex and a-Lock have received the EN1522/1523 bullet proof certificates from the EDM laboratory.

As a security and access control company, AMADEO prides itself on providing products that enable the smooth flow of people, while keeping the highest security standards. However, for applications such as military, police, or other high security customers, this was not enough.

All AMADEO FreeFlex cylinders and a-Locks are very reliable and heavy duty, withstanding the toughest conditions. Nevertheless, some customers have asked us to go to the next level and provide them with bullet proof solutions. We accepted the challenge, and prepared our products to be tested according to the strict EN1522/1523 norms. The cylinders and locks have passed the test with ease, having resisted different kinds of impacts from different calibre weapons and bullets.

AMADEO a-Lock is a state of the art battery operated access control lock, operated by RFID cards, fobs, and mobile keys (NFC, BLE or PWA). It is a true wireless online lock with a world record range of up to 150 meters, making it the only real solution for a wireless online access control system.

The patented AMADEO FreeFlex keys and cylinders are AMADEO’s innovative mechanical access control solution, allowing dynamic locking plans, even after the cylinders are made and installed (data on key). The system is protected against cloning and hacking through 96-bit binary encrypted keys, and the MIM stainless steel core and housings of the cylinders.

Both a-Lock and FreeFlex are managed with AMADEO’s unique AOS (Amadeo Operating System) and Integra Cloud software to enable an effortless access control management experience.


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