Architecture Future Envisioning: Research for The Microsoft Home

As part of my work on The Microsoft Home I compiled a list of interesting future home experiences.

UAE Pavilion Shanghai Expo 2010

The gold colored stainless steel grid roof on this pavillion represents wind shaped dunes.

24 Rooms

350 square foot apartment transforms by moving walls that have necessary features embedded in them. Watching the film, this guy is doing a lot of work. I belive there is an opportunity to use software to automate or enable much of this work.

Belgian Living Tommorrow Future Home

A Belgian company called Living Tomorrow has built a prototype future home. Many of its features are designed around usability for the elderly and disabled.

The House of the Future

A British television show tours the Living Tomorrow home and hates it. Good feedback.

Korea's Home Of The Future

Many improved features.

Philips Home Lab

The HomeLab at the Philips research center is a model home built to test and monitor real-world response to prototype technology. Thirty cameras and microphones record subjects as they use and interact with products for the home; then researches review the recordings to refine the products. The living room is currently configured to demonstrate a feature that extends accent lighting from around the television to throughout the room.

Deakin University SRD364 Architecture Studio

Australia's Deakin University SRD364 Architecture Studio is a curriculum with a focus on Future: 2050. Many of the projects use passive energy (solar, wind, cooling breezes) and leverage technology to incorporate natural heating and cooling in the home.

Taiwan Building Technology Center

A Taiwanese center associated with Taiwan Technical College working on applying modern communication technology to buildings to make them more liveable.

MIT House_n PlaceLab

The Massachussetts Instititute of Technology Department of Architecure created PlaceLab a laboratory home, a residential condominium, that lets researchers and designers monitor the movements of people who live there.

Ferrari World - Abu Dhabi

Notable for its scale and immersive experience. The building's design also invokes Ferrari's brand feeling.

Lauchhammer Water Treatment Plant - Germany

An example of the architectural trend of rennovating old (mostly brick) structures by grafting modernist elements onto them and leaving the existing structure cleaned up but essentially unchanged. It provides a different aesthetic than covering the old buildings to make them look new.

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