Cloud Based Software

Ascend to the Cloud
Integrated Data Management Redefining Operational Efficiency

In access control, wireless online solutions coupled with true cloud-based management systems represent the pinnacle of innovation and efficiency. At AMADEO, we proudly embrace this gold standard with our unique spin - presenting our AMADEO Operating System (AOS).

The AMADEO Operating System (AOS)
Harnessing the Power of the Cloud

AOS is a bona fide cloud-based software management solution that stretches the limitations of geographical boundaries. With AOS, the world becomes your control room, with the power to manage all your sites from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Beyond Data Management
Big Data at Your Fingertips

With our cloud-based solution, we empower you to harness the potential of Big Data. Collect, analyse, and leverage crucial information from all your sites for operational efficiency and strategic marketing. Deploy a blueprint configuration across all your properties simultaneously, eliminating the need for on-site setups and cumbersome configurations.

Beyond Imagination
Seamless Integration

Our commitment to “Beyond Access” reflects in the AMADEO AppServices, where we stretch the boundaries of possibility. With interfaces andAPIs designed to connect with many third-party wired access control systems, we unlock new horizons of integration.

Whether it is Building Management Systems, Lifts, CCTV,Parking Management, Number Plate Recognition, Biometrics, Time &Attendance, Escape Door Control Systems, or Physical Security InformationManagement Systems (PSIM), our cloud-based solution fuses seamlessly, providing a holistic and efficient operational landscape.

Embrace the cloud with AMADEO. As we navigate the realms of “BeyondAccess,” our Cloud-Based Software serves as a beacon, illuminating the path towards enhanced efficiency, robust security, and unparalleled convenience.Come, ascend with us towards a future where control transcends physical boundaries and access control becomes a harmonious blend of innovation and simplicity.

Let’s journey towards a seamless and secure future together, and Contact Us today to learn more about our innovative products and solutions.

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