Good Design is Comforting

User Experience Designer Seattle

Monica is a freelance designer working on a login experience for a national bank. One of her challenges is the layout of information on the landing page, after the user’s credentials are accepted.

Her first examples were heavily influenced by existing websites for financial institutions. But she felt these fell short of her design objectives. Consulting with the UX lead at the client company, it became clear that she needed to provide clear and comfortable affordances to customers so they could more easily trust the bank with their financial transactions.

Isabella, her UX lead, said “We need to make this experience comfortable and reassuring. Think about a well-designed chair. It’s clear from looking at it that supports the body in a reassuring way, as though cradling the user in mother’s arms, because the materials are soft to the touch, and because the visual presentation and lines of the chair and ottoman are angled and make it clear that the body can relax and recline with legs up.”

Monica said “I think we can accomplish this by being sensitive to the user’s needs, using design patterns and materials associated with comfort, and by employing user research to inform the design.”

“Let’s put the label above each text entry box, so the reader only has to think about one thing at a time, and group the box and label close together in a chunk with plenty of space between each. This will make the page comfortable and easy to understand. We’ll see what our users think of it in testing but our existing research supports this.”

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