Accessibility Statement

Making AMADEO Accessible to All

At AMADEO, we aim to move “Beyond Access” by ensuring our digital spaces are not just accessible but seamlessly usable for all our visitors, regardless of their abilities. This commitment reflects our ethos of inclusion, mirroring our broader sustainability goals in line with the European Union, UK, US, and international guidelines. We believe that by enabling everyone to connect with our brand, we can foster deeper, meaningful engagements and inspire more professional business owners and site visitors to collaborate with us.

Adherence to Web Standards

We have embedded best practices and standards as specified by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in our website's design and functionality. Our efforts are to make our website compatible with various browsers and devices, from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets, to deliver an inclusive digital experience.

Ease of Navigation

We recognise that ease of navigation enhances the user experience. Consequently, we have incorporated user-friendly design elements that facilitate seamless interactions with our website. If you have suggestions or inquiries about our website's accessibility, we welcome your feedback. Please connect with us via our contact page.

Font Resizing for Enhanced Readability

To accommodate different viewing preferences, our website supports text resizing. Whether you prefer larger text for easier reading or smaller text to maximise screen real estate, we have got you covered. You can adjust the font size using standard browser functionalities, which typically involve the Control or Command key combined with either the '+' or '-' keys or by scrolling up or down.

Screen Magnification

In addition to text resizing, we support screen magnification for those who need to enlarge specific screen sections. Most recent versions of Windows come with a built-in magnifier for this purpose. However, those with visual impairments may prefer to use comprehensive magnification software.

Screen Reader Support

We have ensured our website is compatible with screen readers for users who prefer or need to have on-screen text converted into speech. Windows users can use the built-in Narrator, while Apple users can use the Voiceover feature in OSX.

PDF Files

To maintain the integrity of our original documents, we use PDF files. These can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge. This way, you can view our documents exactly as we intended them to be seen without compromising accessibility.

Data Protection and Privacy

Your privacy matters to us. Any personal details provided to AMADEO Systems through our website will be managed in line with our privacy policy. We encourage all visitors to read this policy before sharing any personal information. By providing us with your details, you are giving us your consent to use them as outlined in our privacy policy.

Accessibility Complaints Procedure

In line with our commitment to providing a fully accessible website, we have established a dedicated process for handling accessibility complaints. If you encounter any accessibility issues while using our site, we encourage you to bring them to our attention via our complaint procedure. We value your feedback and will try to address and rectify any identified issues promptly.

At AMADEO, we strive to create a digital platform that is accessible to all, reflecting our broader commitment to inclusivity and sustainability. We continually work to refine and enhance our website's accessibility, enabling all users to engage with our content fully and interact with our brand without any hindrance. We invite all our visitors to connect with us because, at AMADEO, we go “Beyond Access.”