Self Check-In

Revolutionise Guest Journey
Seamlessly Efficient Self Check-In Systems

AMADEO Self Check-in KioskAMADEO Self Check-in Kiosk

Unshackle your guests from the conventional check-in process with AMADEO's self-check-in feature. Experience how we make big strides in guest satisfaction by enabling autonomy in their hands.

Beyond Conventional
Experience an Elevated Guest Journey

Often, enhancing the guest journey is merely a buzzword. However, at AMADEO, it is a commitment that we fulfil relentlessly. Whether it is late-night arrivals or guests yearning for a quicker check-in process, AMADEO delivers solutions that surpass expectations.

Beyond Guest Satisfaction
Embrace Convenience

AMADEO's self-check-in solution epitomises our commitment to redefining convenience. This innovative kiosk solution liberates guests from queuing at the reception. With a reservation number and a QR code delivered via email, guests can check in on their own upon arrival, ushering them straight to the comforts of their room.

Optimised for Every Hospitality Segment

Our self-check-in system is versatile, catering to small hotels without round-the-clock reception and large establishments aiming to offer choices to their clientele. Integrating seamlessly with the AMADEO ecosystem eradicates the need for complex integrations and dispenses environmentally friendly keycards, underpinning our commitment to sustainable practices.

From A to Z, seamlessly
Guest-Centricity at Its Best

The process is streamlined and intuitive: guests receive an automated email or text post-booking with a link to our PWA-MyAMADEO. They submit their personal information for verification and await payment confirmation from reception. Once confirmed, the MyAMADEO key is dispatched to the guest's device, empowering them to bypass reception and head straight to their room, starting their relaxation journey without delay.

Step into the future of guest management with AMADEO's self-check-in system. Enjoy the blend of innovative technology and intuitive design to maximise convenience and elevate the guest experience. Go “Beyond Access” with AMADEO.

Let’s journey towards a seamless and secure future together, and Contact Us today to learn more about our innovative products and solutions.

AMADEO Self Check-in Kiosk