AMADEO FlexEntry

Revolutionising Guest Entry
Streamlined Access, Redefined

FlexEntry revolutionises guest entry with its AI-powered online system, accommodating various access methods like booking number, QR code, PIN code, keycard, and mobile key, and it is the best solution for late arrival check-in for non-reception properties. Elevate your property's guest experience with Amadeo's FlexEntry - a paradigm of innovative access control. Embodying our commitment to “Beyond Access”.

Adaptive Access Methods

Utilises booking numbers, QR codes, PINs, keycards, or mobile keys.

Robust and Elegant Design

Crafted from high-quality steel, offering a spectrum of colours for aesthetic harmony.

Intuitive Interaction

A user-friendly touchscreen ensures effortless navigation.

Enhanced Security

Robust construction equipped with secure locks, safeguarding against tampering.

All-Weather Resilience

Designed for durability, ensuring reliable functionality in any climate.

Technical Excellence

Dimensions of 450x250x650mm, 8kg weight, and equipped with Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity.

Optimal for Varied Accommodations

Perfect for hotels, resorts, and business hotels of any size, FlexEntry integrates flawlessly with our Self Check-In, providing guests with a contemporary and comfortable check-in process. Step into the future of guest management with AMADEO's FlexEntry system. Enjoy the blend of innovative technology and intuitive design to maximise convenience and elevate the guest experience. Go “Beyond Access” with AMADEO.

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