The most common queries about our products, services and your AMADEO account.

1. How do AMADEO's electronic locks operate?

‍AMADEO's electronic locks are a modern alternative to traditional locks, using electronic mechanisms like key cards, key fobs, or smartphones for access. They unlock when a recognized credential is presented, seamlessly allowing entry.

2. What advantages do electronic locks offer for my property?

Opting for electronic locks means heightened security, the ability to track access with audit trails, remote access control, and customisable access settings for different users. Plus, they eliminate the hassles associated with physical keys.

3. Are electronic locks more secure than traditional ones?

Indeed, electronic locks are often more secure, thanks to features like encryption, sophisticated access control, and the immediate deactivation of lost or stolen credentials. They also provide detailed entry and exit records for added security oversight.

4. Can AMADEO's locks integrate with my current hotel management system?

Yes, AMADEO's products are designed to easily integrate with various hotel management systems, enhance guest room management, and provide up-to-date room and lock status.

5. What's the plan during power outages or technical issues with electronic locks?

Our locks are primarily battery-operated, ensuring functionality during power outages. In cases of powered locks, backup battery systems are in place to maintain continuous operation.

6. Are AMADEO's electronic locks user-friendly for guests?

Absolutely, our electronic locks are straightforward for guests, typically involving a simple key card or mobile key usage, contributing to a positive guest experience.

7. Is remote management possible with AMADEO's electronic locks?

Yes, our systems allow for remote access management, enabling real-time adjustments of permissions for rooms and doors, which boosts security and operational efficiency.

8. Do electronic locks prove to be cost-effective over time?

While the initial investment may be higher, electronic locks tend to be more cost-effective in the long run due to lower operational costs, improved security, and increased guest satisfaction.

9. What's the maintenance frequency for electronic locks?

These locks are designed for minimal maintenance. Routine battery changes and periodic inspections are generally sufficient, and we provide complete maintenance training and guidelines.

10. Is a complete lock replacement necessary when switching to electronic locks?

Not necessarily. Our locking systems can retrofit many existing mortice types, facilitating a cost-effective transition. Locks can be replaced gradually as required.

11. Can I customise electronic locks to fit my hotel's design?

Yes, we offer various styles and finishes, allowing you to select locks that align with your hotel's aesthetic.

12. What is the battery life expectancy in AMADEO's locks?

Battery lifespan varies, but on average, they last about 2 years. We offer double battery pack options for extended life and have battery indicators in our software for timely replacement in online systems.

13. How does a mobile key function?

A mobile key is a digital key on a smartphone, using NFC or BLE to securely communicate with the lock.

14. What is NFC?

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a technology enabling close-range wireless interaction between devices, commonly used in mobile payments and access control.

15. What is BLE?

BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy, a technology used for efficient, secure connections between devices like smartphones and electronic locks.

16. How secure are mobile keys?

Mobile keys are highly secure, encrypted, and utilize robust authentication methods to prevent cloning or breaches.

17. What if a mobile phone's battery dies?

In such cases, guests can use alternative methods like a physical key card or a backup PIN code for room access.

18. Is an app download necessary for mobile keys?

No, AMADEO mobile keys are sent directly to phones via a weblink, similar to how airline boarding passes or train tickets are received.

19. Can key cards still be used?

Certainly! Key cards are compatible with our locks and can be used alongside mobile keys.

20. What does remote check-in entail?

Remote check-in allows guests to skip the front desk, streamlining the process, which is particularly valuable for frequent business travellers or during peak times.

21. Can AMADEO assist small hotels with limited reception capabilities?

Absolutely. Our systems support remote check-ins and offer self-check-in kiosk options for late arrivals, enhancing convenience and security.

22. Do guests miss the personal touch with remote check-in?

While personal service is vital, many guests appreciate the efficiency of remote check-in. This also allows staff to focus more on guest services, improving the overall experience.

23. How robust are AMADEO's locks in terms of security?

Our locks are designed with advanced security features, including encryption, tamper alerts, and audit trails, to provide robust protection against unauthorized access. Check out our certifications if you’re not convinced.

24. What makes AMADEO's access control solutions stand out in the market?

AMADEO offers customized solutions that cater to specific locking needs across various door types, integrating seamlessly with existing platforms for enhanced security and convenience.

25. How do AMADEO's real-time wireless solutions enhance access control?

Our real-time wireless solutions, expand access control footprints using trusted platforms, offering a seamless blend of security and efficiency.

26. Can AMADEO's access control systems be managed via mobile or cloud applications?

Yes, AMADEO provides scalable, cloud-based access control solutions with real-time capabilities, enabling management through mobile and cloud applications for maximum convenience and control.

27. Are AMADEO's solutions suitable for residential access control?

Absolutely, our smart access control technology is perfect for modern residential settings, offering easy installation and maintenance without the complexity of traditional systems.

28. What types of doors can AMADEO's access control solutions secure?

Our solutions are versatile, and capable of securing a wide range of doors, including non-traditional openings like gates, and elevators, with various software and administration options.

29. How does AMADEO ensure the safety and security of its access control systems?

We prioritise safety and security by offering robust solutions with smart-access features, ensuring secure, convenient, and connected living for all users.

30. What innovative features does AMADEO offer in its access control systems?

AMADEO is at the forefront of innovation, providing software and hardware solutions that set new standards in security, manageability, flexibility, and design for access control.

31. How adaptable are AMADEO's access control solutions to different industries?

AMADEO's solutions are highly adaptable, designed to meet the unique needs of various industries, from hospitality and healthcare to government and educational institutions.

32. Can AMADEO's access control systems handle high-traffic environments?

Yes, our systems are built to manage high-traffic areas efficiently, ensuring smooth and secure access control in busy settings.

33. What kind of customer support does AMADEO offer for its access control solutions?

AMADEO provides comprehensive customer support, including training, maintenance assistance, and 7/24 technical support to ensure optimal performance of our systems.

34. How does AMADEO contribute to energy efficiency with its products?

Our products are designed with energy efficiency in mind, using low-power technology and offering solutions like Power over Ethernet for sustainable operation.

35. What customisation options are available with AMADEO's electronic locks?

AMADEO offers a range of customisation options, including different finishes and styles, to ensure our locks complement the aesthetic of any building or facility.

36. How does AMADEO address the security needs of large organisations?

For large organisations, we offer online solutions that cater to extensive security needs, covering a wide array of door types and access points.

37. What are the benefits of AMADEO's Security Entrance Control solutions?

Our Security Entrance Control portfolio includes various solutions like revolving doors, security portals, and turnstiles, tailored to manage physical access control requirements effectively.

38. How does AMADEO ensure the longevity and durability of its products?

AMADEO's products are built with durability in mind, using high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure longevity and reliable performance.

39. Can AMADEO's access control solutions be used in outdoor environments?

Yes, our solutions are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, providing reliable security for external doors and gates.

40. How does AMADEO stay ahead of technological advancements in access control?

AMADEO continuously invests in research and development to incorporate the latest technological advancements, ensuring our solutions remain cutting-edge.

41. What types of authentication methods do AMADEO's systems support?

Our systems support various authentication methods, including biometrics, RFID, NFC, and mobile credentials, to provide flexible and secure access control.

42. How user-friendly are AMADEO's access control interfaces?

We focus on user-friendliness, ensuring our interfaces are intuitive and easy to navigate for both administrators and end-users.

43. Can AMADEO's access control systems be scaled for future expansion?

Absolutely, our systems are scalable, allowing for easy expansion and upgrades as your security needs evolve.

44. What role does data analytics play in AMADEO's access control systems?

Data analytics is crucial in our systems, providing valuable insights for security management and operational improvements.

45. How does AMADEO's access control contribute to regulatory compliance?

Our systems are designed to help organizations comply with various security regulations and standards, ensuring legal and ethical compliance.

46. What makes AMADEO a reliable choice for government and institutional clients?

Made in Austria. AMADEO's robust security features, reliable performance, and adaptability make it a preferred choice for government and institutional clients.

47. How does AMADEO facilitate seamless integration with other security systems?

We ensure seamless integration with various security systems, allowing for a cohesive and comprehensive security approach.

48. What warranty and guarantees does AMADEO offer for its products?

AMADEO offers substantial warranties and guarantees, assuring clients of our commitment to quality and reliability.

49. Can AMADEO's access control systems be managed remotely?

Yes, our systems offer remote management capabilities, allowing administrators to control access from anywhere, anytime.

50. How does AMADEO ensure the privacy and protection of user data?

We adhere to strict data privacy policies and employ advanced encryption methods to protect user data and maintain confidentiality.

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