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Sustainable Access Control
The Role of Green Technologies in Enhancing Security

With climate change and environmental conservation becoming increasingly important, businesses worldwide realise the necessity of embracing sustainability in all operations. At AMADEO, we believe that even areas traditionally overlooked for their ecological footprint, like access control systems, can and must be made more sustainable.

With climate change and environmental conservation becoming increasingly important, businesses worldwide realise the necessity of embracing sustainability in all operations. At AMADEO, we believe that even areas traditionally overlooked for their ecological footprint, like access control systems, can and must be made more sustainable.

This is where green technologies come into play. Green technologies refer to innovations designed to be environmentally friendly, either by reducing energy consumption, minimising waste, or using renewable resources.

At AMADEO, we are committed to leveraging green technologies to enhance the sustainability of our access control solutions. Our “Beyond Access” philosophy is about providing superior security and surpassing expectations of what access control systems can achieve in environmental conservation.

One way we have incorporated green technology is by using low-energy locks. These locks use considerably less power than traditional electronic locks, reducing energy consumption without compromising security. They are designed to use power only when activated and have lower held current requirements, thereby consuming less electricity.

Another way is through cloud-based systems that require less energy-consuming hardware. By storing and processing data in the cloud, we reduce the need for physical servers, decreasing energy usage and minimising e-waste.

Lastly, we have integrated smart, energy-efficient features into our systems. For instance, our software can put the system into a low-power mode during off-peak hours, reducing energy consumption without affecting security.

By implementing these and other green technologies, AMADEO is leading the way in creating sustainable access control solutions. We believe our responsibility goes beyond providing secure access solutions; it also extends to protecting the environment. After all, true security also involves ensuring a safe and sustainable world for future generations.

The journey towards sustainable access control has just begun, and AMADEO is proud to be at the forefront of this green revolution. We are committed to continuously exploring and implementing innovative green technologies, taking us and our clients “Beyond Access.”

AI in Access Control
Revolutionising Security with Intelligent Systems

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been disrupting numerous industries with its ability to analyse large volumes of data quickly and accurately, automate tasks, and make complex predictions. One such industry where AI is creating a significant impact is access control. At AMADEO, we are harnessing the power of AI to transform security and offer our customers “Beyond Access” – a new paradigm of intelligent, efficient, and secure access control systems.

Access control systems have traditionally been reactive, responding to inputs in a predefined manner. For example, the door unlocks if a correct access code is entered. But AI allows us to change this dynamic and make our systems initiative-taking, learning from past data to predict future security incidents

One of the primary ways we use AI is in anomaly detection. Our AI-enabled access control systems can learn the usual patterns of access – who accesses which doors at what times – and alert security personnel when there is an unusual access attempt, potentially averting a security breach.

AI also enhances the effectiveness of biometric access control systems. Advanced AI algorithms can analyse biometric data such as fingerprints, facial features, and voice patterns more accurately, providing a higher level of security. Furthermore, AI can learn and adapt to changes in biometric data, such as ageing facial features, ensuring the system's effectiveness in the long run.

Another critical application of AI is integrating access control systems with other security systems. For example, AI can correlate data from access control, video surveillance, and alarm systems to identify potential security threats that might be missed when these systems operate in isolation.

At AMADEO, we are excited about the immense possibilities that AI offers. We continuously explore ways to leverage AI to make our access control systems smarter, more secure, and more efficient. We believe AI is the key to enhancing security, improving the user experience, reducing costs, and increasing operational efficiency.

With AI at the helm, we confidently sail towards a future where access control systems go beyond merely controlling access. They will predict, prevent, and protect, ensuring our customers' comprehensive security and peace of mind, truly taking us “Beyond Access.”

Future of Access Control
Trends and Predictions

The access control industry is poised at the precipice of meaningful change. At AMADEO, we embrace this change, confident that our pioneering spirit, grounded in our “BeyondAccess” philosophy, will enable us to lead the way in the industry's future.This whitepaper explores some key trends and predictions we anticipate for the future of access control.

1. Integration with the Internet of Things (IoT): With the surge in IoT devices, there is a growing potential to integrate these technologies into access control systems. IoT integration will enable the creation of intelligent environments that respond in real-time to individuals' presence (or absence), enhancing security and user experience.

2. AI and Machine Learning: As discussed in our previous whitepaper, AI has the potential to revolutionise access control, moving from reactive to initiative-taking security systems. Machine learning algorithms can help predict security breaches, improve biometric recognition, and integrate different security systems for comprehensive protection.

3. Mobile Credentials: The use of smartphones as access credentials is on the rise. This trend offers enhanced convenience and security, as smartphones can be equipped with multi-factor authentication, utilising something you have (the phone),something you know (a passcode), and something you are (biometric data).

4. Cloud-based Systems: More access control systems will move to the cloud, providing enhanced scalability, remote access, and cost-effective storage solutions. Cloud-based systems also make pushing out software updates and improvements easier, ensuring the system is constantly updated with the latest security protocols.

5. Sustainability: With an increasing focus on sustainability worldwide, green access control technologies will become more prevalent. These could include systems that use less power, are made from sustainable materials, or use sustainable energy sources such as solar power. 

6. Data Privacy: With increased digitisation comes a focus on data privacy. Access control systems must ensure that the vast amount of data they manage is stored and used in compliance with evolving data privacy regulations.

7. Cybersecurity: As access control systems become increasingly connected, they become more vulnerable to cyber threats. Therefore, cybersecurity will be crucial in future access control systems, focusing on secure design, regular updates, and robust threat detection and response capabilities.

At AMADEO, we are excited about these trends and confident in our ability to lead the access control industry into the future. We are committed to continuous innovation, ensuring our customers benefit from the latest technology trends and the highest levels of security. We are not just about access; we go “Beyond Access.”

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