Wireless Online

Reimagine Connectivity
Pioneering Wireless Solutions for Streamlined Access

Welcome to a world where advanced technology meets practical simplicity. At AMADEO, we empower you to transcend traditional boundaries and embrace a future where access control knows no limits.

The essence of our innovative “Wireless Online” solutions lies in the ease of integration, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness. By marrying existing technologies with our forward-thinking approaches, we provide robust and easy solutions on the budget. Our mission? To ensure everyone enjoys the myriad benefits of an online locking system, minus the burdensome infrastructure and hardware costs.

A Future-Proof Investment

Our wireless online solutions integrate with TCP/IP and POE technologies, offering an optimised, future-proof system that grows with your needs and scales with your ambitions.

Optimised Installation Costs

AMADEO's online solutions optimise not just the cost but also the installation process. Our unique wireless technology can reach up to 40 metres (over 130 feet),significantly reducing the required routers and thus lowering infrastructure costs.

Beyond Adaptability

AMADEO's wireless online solutions redefine adaptability, able to integrate seamlessly with every type of access point. Whether it is electronic locks, electronic cylinders, wall readers, or even mechanical cylinders, using our revolutionary FreeFlex solution, we ensure effortless integration and smoother operations.

Beyond Integration

The power of constructive collaboration is unlocked when our wireless online solution is paired with third-party products and solutions. We provide multiple options for seamless integration within your existing systems, enhancing functionality and bringing greater value to your property.

With AMADEO, access control is not just about granting and denying permissions. It is about exploring new possibilities, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing the user experience. Discover the benefits of our Wireless Online solutions and experience the meaning of “Beyond Access.”

Let’s journey towards a seamless and secure future together, and Contact Us today to learn more about our innovative products and solutions.

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