Our Products

At AMADEO, we go beyond traditional access, offering innovative and technologically advanced solutions that redefine access control boundaries. Our product range, from IntegrA software to FreeFlex, is designed to provide superior access management and seamless integration to business owners and site visitors alike. With us, it is not just about access but about creating a safer, more convenient, and efficient environment.

IntegrA Software

AMADEO IntegrA cloud-based access management software managing all AMADEO solutions and hardware

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Wall Readers

Unparalleled versatility to the Amadeo access control solution enabling control of every type of access point in a property.

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The cutting-edge solution for secure access control that offers unparalleled flexibility and advanced technology to fit any door or scenario.

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AMADEO FreeFlex is a revolutionary metal key offering the highest level of security. It is quite literally bullet proof.

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Upgrade your door security with our innovative electronic cylinders, offering seamless integration with your existing setup.

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Security, in today's dynamic world, goes far beyond access control. It entails a robust defence mechanism against threats, ensuring peace of mind.

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