Mobile Access

Unleash Limitless Access
A Revolution in Mobile Credential Technology

Step into the future with AMADEO Mobile Access, a revolution in keyless entry that transforms your phone into your access pass. Imagine your key being as mobile and flexible as your airline, train, or concert tickets - always with you and a tap away.

Beyond Mobile Keys: Unleashing New Opportunities

At AMADEO, we do not just offer mobile access; we deliver a platform for potential new revenue opportunities. We keep your phone uncluttered, eliminating the need for another app. Simply download your key, and off you go. Welcome to the future of access with MyAMADEO.

Beyond Mobile Access
Setting New Standards

In our world, not all mobile access solutions are created equal. At AMADEO, we catapult mobile access to unprecedented heights beyond the conventional.

Beyond Operations
Simplifying and Integrating

The AMADEOMobile Access (AMA) is more than just a different access credential; it is a holistic solution designed to streamline operations. We embed additional information like property, facility, and city data to integrate user information seamlessly. This data can then be used to book meeting or conference rooms and coworking spaces and simplify daily operations at the facility.

Beyond Alternatives
Aligning with Environmental Consciousness

With an integrated "Green Option", AMA aligns perfectly with the growing environmental concern and global warming. It is the optimal solution for student accommodation or serviced apartment applications where eco-friendliness is a priority.

Beyond Technologies
Seamless and User-friendly

Our unique ability to operate simultaneously with BLE and/orNFC standards, coupled with a native Progressive Web App (PWA), simplifies the entire mobile access process. Easy to use and efficient, our mobile access solution reflects our commitment to go “Beyond Access.”

Embrace the convenience, security, and simplicity of AMADEOMobile Access. As we journey “Beyond Access,” we invite you to join us in experiencing the future of access control - a future characterised by innovation, integration, and unparalleled user experience.

Let’s journey towards a seamless and secure future together, and Contact Us today to learn more about our innovative products and solutions.