Secure Beyond Expectation
Open your AMADEO lock with a key, but not with bullets!

Security, in today's dynamic world, goes far beyond access control. It entails a robust defence mechanism against threats, ensuring peace of mind. At AMADEO, our continuous endeavour to enhance and refine our products ensures that we always meet this gold security standard. It is with this vision that we introduce our newest achievement.

AMADEO Locks: Unyeilding Security That's Bulletproof

Amidst all the advancements, one underlying principle remains steadfast: your security is paramount. The very essence of the AMADEO brand, “Beyond Access,” leaps further with our state-of-the-art bulletproof technology.

Proud Certification, Enhanced Assurance

Dive deep into a world where security meets sophistication, where technology is at its zenith. Welcome to AMADEO's realm, where we always go “Beyond Access.” Connect with us to explore how our products can redefine your security blueprint.

Our FreeFlex and E-Lock product lines have been rigorously tested and are now proud bearers of the EN1522/1523 bulletproof certificates from the esteemed EDM laboratory. While we have always provided products that seamlessly merge flow and fortification, we recognise the nuanced requirements of high-security sectors like the military and police.

Let’s journey towards a seamless and secure future together, and Contact Us today to learn more about our innovative products and solutions.

AMADEO Bulletproof electronic locks