Our Story,
A Chronicle of
Passion and Innovation

Crafting Security Narratives Since 2014: The AMADEO Journey

At AMADEO, we are driven by an unwavering commitment to revolutionise the security industry through innovation and digital transformation. Our story, marked by continuous growth and the creation of trailblazing security solutions, resounds with tenacity, courage, and an undying passion for excellence.

Our journey began in the historic city of Vienna in 2014. With a vision firmly rooted in introducing innovative technologies and digitalised products into the lock industry, our founder, ING. Michael Makivic embarked on the AMADEO mission. With a robust background in the field from 1986 and an impressive tally of over 25 patents, Michael's innovative spirit has consistently shaped the industry's trajectory.

Michael's rich history of industry-changing contributions began to take shape in the 90s with the development of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems in collaboration with Mikron. This technology, now known as Mifare, was a seminal advancement in the field. Subsequently, he patented a motor cylinder capable of automating the door locking and unlocking process, a concept widely incorporated in many of today's systems.

In 1997, another milestone was reached when Michael developed the pioneering RFID lock in conjunction with Swatch and Skidata. Fondly known as "Swatch Access", this technology laid the foundation for using RFID locks in millions of hotels, private residences, and offices worldwide.

Throughout his illustrious career, Michael has offered expert advice to influential figures and major projects, including renowned institutions such as the Hotel Sacher, Hotel Adlon, Hundertwasser BadBlumau, DEBIS (Mercedes headquarters), SONY Center, DB, Burj Al Arab, AKH Vamedin Vienna, Lingoto in Milano, and many more. It was and still is paramount for AMADEO to consistently meet the highest security standards and infuse wisdom, justice, prudence, and bravery into each innovative solution.

In an era where market leaders focused on brand recognition and installed base, Michael sought to define a unique space for AMADEO in customers' minds. He envisioned a company that was not just another name in the industry but one that asked, "What's next?". He dreamt of a brand that would be recognised as "a step ahead", offering new game-changing benefits and solutions beyond the existing technology that major players in the market provided. Thus, AMADEO was born.

The AMADEO name – meaning “loved/blessed by God” – and our distinct logo that symbolises a strong pillar through the letter “A”, embody our inherent company values: wisdom, justice, prudence, and bravery. These principles, embedded within our youthful, refreshing pistachio-green branding colour, symbolise our commitment to environmental consciousness and sustainability as a beacon of our mission and a promise of our dedication to our customers.

As we continued to grow, we realised that our brand claim needed to reflect our unique positioning and encapsulate our philosophy. We wanted it to be pure, aspirational, emotional, easily adaptable, and universally understandable. It had to be a scalable platform on which we could grow limitlessly. Our tagline, “Beyond Access”, was born from this vision.

Our  platform, designed to leverage market education and focus on why we are superior, extends beyond just electronic locks. It transcends security, wireless online, cloud-based management systems, mobile access, guest experience, revenue streams, and third-party integrations. We continually push the boundaries of what is possible in the security industry, positioning ourselves not just as competitors but as leaders and innovators.

AMADEO's unwavering dedication to innovation, the highest level of security, and top-notch consulting are a source of pride and confidence for us. We are honoured and grateful to all who have supported us on this journey – our partners, employees, and customers.

As we continue to shape the future of the lock industry, we assure you that our ambition remains unshaken: to inspire the industry with our innovative solutions, take security technology to new heights, and contribute significantly to global security. At AMADEO, we do not just provide access; we go “Beyond Access.”

Experience the AMADEO difference. Step into the future of security technology. “AMADEO, Beyond Access.”