Mobile Check-In

Embrace Convenience
Transcending Borders with Mobile Check-In Solutions

Hand using mobile handheld device on an IPADHand using mobile handheld device on an IPAD

Welcome to the world of digital check-ins with AMADEO's innovative mobile check-in feature. Transforming the traditional check-in process, we provide an elevated experience that pairs efficiency with convenience.

Beyond Satisfaction
Pioneering the Future of Hospitality

Embrace the new norm of guest services with AMADEO's Self Check-In. An advanced mobile application, our solution encapsulates the capabilities of a high-end reception desk right in your pocket.

A Seamless Alliance
IntegrA Cloud Meets PMS Interface

The partnership of the AMADEO IntegrA Cloud and the Property Management System(PMS) interface enables a seamless, swift self-check-in process. Experience the ease of direct check-in through your Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled tablet or smartphone.

Beyond Conventional Check-ins
An Elevated Experience

We have transformed the traditional check-in process into a digital journey that gives guests control and minimises waiting times. No more queues, no more delay; it is time for an immediate start to your experience with AMADEO.

Beyond Access
A Journey of Innovation

In line with our tagline, “Beyond Access,” we strive to reimagine and redefine the access control landscape. Our Mobile Check-In solution is an embodiment of this philosophy. It is more than an innovative solution - it is a testament to our commitment to creating a future that is seamlessly secure and conveniently accessible.

Choose the AMADEOMobile Check-In solution today. Experience the ease, convenience, and controlas you step into a world that moves “Beyond Access.” We invite you to share inour journey of continuous innovation and growth.

Let’s journey towards a seamless and secure future together, and Contact Us today to learn more about our innovative products and solutions.

Hand using mobile handheld device on an IPAD